Lessons for Life

In life, part is healthy, part is making you happy.
In life, part is neutral, part is doing no good, no bad.
In life, part is unhealthy, part is binding to suffering.

When something addicts you.
for example smoking or drinking liquor.
it is for the one who does it no longer being satisfiable.
It is no longer giving a good feeling.

Because before you take another dose, you know you
will crave again for more.

The need for changing your life gets more and more important.
But the way or the possiblity to do so, seems unbearable.

There are groups who have getting off addiction as theire guideline.
Such groups as Anonymous Alcoholics and therapy programs of clinics and health care centre's

Some religions also give advice on how to stop certain addictions.
From giving your life to christ,
from starting to meditate, or to enter a temple or monastery.

The simple advices that are not prooven by science which i can give is:

Ask the Omnipotence, the Supreme power to heal your addiction.
When asked with honesty, your life might change slowly and
diminishing the addiction and takin it away.
Or if possible it changes to a way not hurting or damaging anymore.

If you stopped addiction by this method, a good choice is to make known that the method
helped you.