Transcending Life: Bodily health

Guardian Angels

If you are born, your end of life is already predestined some say.
If you are born, diseases and sickness are inevitable some say.

If you get addicted, if you eat to unhealthy,
if you drink alcohol, smoke some things.
Use grave substances, your life is not pleasant anymore.
You live with the idea that addiction is the most important to do in daylight.
Living with an addiction, diminishes your health, the day of death approaches.

But the body, is not fully without posible healing or curing.
The body can restore a certain level of its health by changing your life.
Leaving addictions, getting disciplined and sober.

But it is not our own power to do such a thing,
Humans when confronted with a feeling that is larger than normal
creates a way to deal with it.
This making an addiction something which can not be eliminated

You can search for a religion to help you abstaining from it.
In christian religions the paraclete Jesus Christ promises that when you
surrender your life to Him he heals you and give you a better life.

For the people not agreeing with christian doctrine,
you can also ask your guardian angel to take control of your life.
If you compare to a car, normally you are steering and deciding whre to go.
Buth when you give the steering wheel to your guardian angel, He or She can heal you
and give back life to you.

A Guardian Angel, say to Him or Her, to have the right to act even when you wouldn't want to.
Surrender your life to Him or Her.
These things you can do even without knowing who your guardian angel is.
This last possibility of changing your life can save you from a life of misery.

A guardian angel, even can appoint you to a religion appropiate for you.

These two methods of changing your life are the trancending of your body and health.