Transcending Life: Food

Influence of food on body and life

In old religions there are teachings about the body,
How to get happy, how to retain good health.
How to avoid the danger of diseases.

It is told that the influence of food on us has the power,
to give us suffering or happiness.
To give us peace or restlessness.

Before i explain some insights on this topic i declare
that all insights are only prooved when people investigate it theirselves.
Each one using methods have the responsibility of using it wisely.

The proof is in the succeeding of every individual.

In hinduism, the food is divided in Satvika food, Tamasic and rajasic.
Where satvika is th high portion of available food.
Consisting of fresh food, vegetables and milk products of cows.

The rajasic and tamasic consist of food from animals, spices.

If your body is healthy, it is easier to choose healthy food,
because it is not used to bad food.
It is thus better to feed healhty from your early life.

when you are addicted to bad food, it is best to
slowly change our diet, and look for substitutes for the food you crave for.

when you are full of diseases it is best to consult a docter too.
But besides the advices of a medical authority you can
experiment with healthy food to allow healing.

The most important healthy food is fruit.
when fruit is fresh, not cooked, not changed in any way,
The living parts of the fruit slowly heals your body.

The fruit and vegetable changes also the thoughts you have,
Better and more positive thoughts fills your life.

Food is the source of consciousness.
When you eat living plants, you get more alive.
When you eat dead meat, what will fill your consciousness.
The fear and mishap of the animals slowly changes your body.

This theory is the source of all hindu adepts being vegetarian.
It is the source of getting a healthy feeling in your body.

When you change your food from sugar, fat, meat to fruit, vegetable, plant food and milk or water.
Your life will change within a couple of months at a level you can feel, or compare.

Trancending your health, is by eating healthy.
Trancending your body is to eat fresh fruit, vegetable and plant food.

Trancending your body awareness, is about food.

When you seek other examples for this wisdom,
You can look at the legacy of jesus christ in the writings of the nag hammadi codex.
the writings of dead see scrolles and other alternative writings attributed to jesus.

He in his writings says also that when eating life fruit an vegetables you get more alive,
when eatinng dead animals you get more dead.