Lesson 1:Acception

Lessons for Life

A system of religious knowledge,
a way of living in the world.
A method to increase the value of life.

Everyone deserves a place in society.
Dependent on what contribution you are able to add to reality.
Dependent on what education you have had.
Dependent on your personality and character.

Life has a place for all its living beings.
The reality is filled with all kind of creatures.

You cannot blame a sheep for eating and giving wool.
You cannot blame a mouse for entering your house.
All creatures are with an inborn purpose.
All creatures have a physical body giving a meaning to its place in reality.

The first lesson is to accept that your have a place in reality.
A place in which you add value to society.
A place in which you add value to reality.

A simple way to count the value you have in life
is to write on the left, what good things you have done.
All the persons you helped.
The society you gave your good intentions to.
for example the beggars you gave a dime.
the family you supported.
charity you have taken part in.

The person you are, the body you have, the things that are your property.
The person you are, has a place in this world.
Accept for yourself that you are part of this world of this reality.
Accept that you are part of this universe.

As lesson 1: Accept that you are part of the society.
But also accept that everyone you know, has a place in reality.
Accept that your family, your friends, your colleges are part of this society.
And accept that your enemies are part of reality, part of society.

Accept that all creatures are part of the world, of reality.