Lesson 2:Reflection

Lessons for Life

The second lesson, this lesson is all about what life does to you, in recurrence to
what you do to others.

In major religions you learn that what you do to others can be done to you.
Some decribe it as a mirror that reflects your deeds.

when you start to wonder why some persons have a specific influence to you,
you try to learn why life is either unfair, or why it is sudden luck that surrounds you.

In science there is no proof of sociological instruments like the one named in this document.
But science has still to grow a lot to have a serious understanding of what life is and can be.

Each individual who practices this lesson will soon or later see the results in life.
The intentions you have slowly grows the fruits in your life.
If you practice good intentions, it may last months to years before the tree of your intentions
grow the fruit and give its results.

When you practice good intentions,
do not think that only to whom you have those intentions will give the results.
It is also that the fruits you receive are from people you not know, or others that weren't in your favor.

It is like a mirror, when you show good intentions,
the mirror shows them back.
When you show bad deeds, bad intentions,
the picture in the mirror gets ugly.

For example if you get angry at someone.
You might find yourself in a couple of years being the subject of someone being angry at you.
And you might even ask yourself why you are the victim when you did do no wrong to that person.

This lesson is about realizing that your life is a mirror in relation to the world you are placed in.
If you do good deeds, show good intentions. The world reflects it.
If you do bad things, have bad intentions. The world reflects it.

If you are really smart you ask yourself can i work around it, tricking the mirror.
You may try, but i guess reality is stronger and more smart than you.

Lesson 2: The mirror which returns your intentions.