Lesson 3:Creation

Lessons for Life

The third lessons.
You are a living creature.
A human person, endowed with intelligence, consciousness and a body.

You are living amongst all other living entities.
As the planet we live on, As the universe we live in.
And as well the family, friends, and houses we are part of.

The third lesson is to accept that this world, planet, reality as part of the creation by a superior intelligent being.
A being that is called in religions as the creator.
A creator being responsible for the structure of society.
Of your job and what you do.

This third lesson is the statement that you are placed in a world that was not
sheer coincidence but a design by an architect.

The creator as an architect of this universe.
This gives every action in your life a meaning.
A meaning because it was pre-destined by that Holy Creator.

The statement is that when you believe everything is made by the Creator.
That your life is designed by that creator.
You not anymore live in the reality but in the Creation.

And because you are part of the creation, you have the right to ask
that Creator for things you want, things you want to complain about.
Changes you wish for.

As part of the Creation, knowledge of the Creator.
you may consider the Creator as the superior and accept that
you may say or ask the Creator anything you like.

The third lesson is to realize that the reality is the Creation of the Creator.
And by your place in this creation you have the right and the opportunity
to communicate with that Holy Being.
Whereby communication is best to be honest and with respect.

When you believe you are part of a Creation, and that you may ask the Creator
everything you like, your life will change in ways that are not
strictly material, but more with an intelligent plan.

To accept that Creator, is to accept that your life has a higher purpose.

When you accept the Creation, others still can believe its not a Creation but just a world without living source.
In their view they are right, but you in your changed belief are right to.