Lesson 4:Awareness

Lessons for Life

The fourth lesson. Awareness.
This lesson is for you to learn or to belief that consciousness is not
only part of your existence, but that what you see, feel, hear is also filled with consciousness.

As a human person, you know you exist. You know that becauuse you see what you do.
You can interact with your surrounding.
You are the observer and the doer in your life.

You know you are alive by experiencing that you are conscious, you are aware of your life.
Moment by moment, you are aware of your life.

This fourth lesson is that you acknowledge that all living beings.
All beings that exist. All beings you are aware of.
All these beings have a core of awareness, a core of consciousness.

By this belief, you can recognize that beings with awareness can feel happiness,
can feel pain, can feel insecurity.

The result of this believing everything has awareness is that you do not harm any creature unless neccesary.
that you do not injure any creature unless needed.

The result is that you respect all life.
If you need animals for food, you thank it for its gift of food for you.
And if its not neccesary to take lives of animals you use another source
which does no harm to conscious creatures.

This fourth lesson: All creatures have conscousness. are aware of their life.
To respect this life, to not take life withouh a certain neccesity.

When you contemplate that all life has a conscious core the same as you.
the wish for damaging life will fade away. Because the pain they feel,
is the same pain as you can feel.

For example when you kill a cow to use the meat for food.
You can say the cow feels pain when i kill it, therefore i will not anymore eat meat.
In this way, i reduced in my life the cause of pain.

For example if you are a soldier.
If i partake in war, i kill enemies,
because they feel pain when i attack them,
i will not anymore take part in war.
In this way reducing the amount of pain i inflict.