Lesson 5:Lifetask

Lessons for Life

When you live your day to day life.
You make choices, in your youth you choose
who you are befriended to, what kind of education you do,
and later in life. the choices for a lifepartner,
which job you take. what hobby's yuo have.
A life filled with the things you like, or dislike if forced to.

The purpose of life is what you want and what you do.
for example if you paint something, it has value for the meaning it gives.
And when someone likes it, your goal is met.

for example if you have a store in nice things,
your goal is met if you make profit.

This fifth lesson is to learn that your life can be of more meaning than you can bring in yourself.
Life can be more that what you are able to do.

In this lesson, its not about studying how to create higher purpose.
But how to ask that Creator to give your life higher purpose.

There is one prayer that unlocks the door.
Ask the Creator, or Omnipotence to give you a lifetask.

When you have a lifetask, everything you do.
Is not for the next five years in life.
It is by example what great names in the past have done.
Know the famous philosphers, artists, scientists for having a higher purpose as well.

all legacies they have left on earth were made by great men, great men that
did things with a higher purpose, a life task yuo can say.

The fifth lesson is to ask the Creator, the Omnipotence to give you a life task.

When you want certainty if you have been given a life task,
wait for things in your life to occur, which you can't give an explanation.

Every person is born with a life task in implicit life.
But to trancend that life task, is to ask
The supreme power, the omnipotence to give you a lifetask.
In that way its changing your life.
To a most shining one.