Lesson 6:Silence

Lessons for Life

This is the sixt lesson. Part of it is Silence, Part of it is Meditation.

silence is the art of being, the art of doing nothing.
Not to be without avail, not to be in vain.

Silence is doing nothing, leaving time empty of your actions.
Silence being accompanied by meditation.

The awareness of the moment. The one-ness with reality.
Awareness and silence.

When you practise this holy deed.
The silence and meditation together is the source
of creating wisdom in your life.
Learning how to be with wisdom, how to be with virtues.

It is for most people hard to practise this.
But the exercise from moment to moment slowly
creates the merit of thins holy action.

Silence, on the outside it looks if you sit, or lay down without any movement,
On the inside it looks that you are without thoughts, observing reality.v
May the sages of yore being esteemed for this source of meditation.
Their wisdom as been written in holy scriptures.
May the sages of the future discover this fountain of wisdom

Silence creates emotional balance,
it heals the soul and spirit.
It aids in healing body.

For everyone it would be wise to create time to keep calm.
time to sit or lay down and do nothing.
No music, no computer, no television.

sometimes its not directly visible what benefits it has.
In days after keeping rest you can be inspired by a new vision.
The solution to problems, a change of goal or purpose.

When rest/calmness is a basic action in your life. during the week
you experience things you did not believed were true.