Transcending the Mind

Calmness within and without

there are a lot of groups with a different set of methods to attain peace, happiness.
They all promise when you act in decency their methods
it will give you either freedom, happiness or prosperity.
A method that has form in all different groups is the act of meditation.

Meditation as an act of letting your mind stay unattended.
A method to observe reality without interfering with mind or action.

A method to sit or lay down still, to observe and watch time passing by.
Some call it the stillness of existence, the life diminishing to a moment.

When meditation is practised, the mind not being activated, it heals itself.
The longer you meditate the pureness of the mind grows.

The soul getting rest without thought after thought, gets one-ness with the reality.

Mediation, in Zen it has a place, in Mindfulness it has a place,
In religions it has a basic value. Like hinduism, christianity

When the mind becomes still, it has a good direction of giving you the radiance,
Which is the instrument of the saints and sacred ones. the aureool which is
often painted around their body, is the light of an enlightened person.
the mind, not being used, gives light to the presence of the one fixed.

In some religions you have stories of adepts using the described methods to
grow and attain enlightenment. But a grave advise is always,
When on that path, don't hesitate for a moment to wander away, stay on the track
with steadfastness. For when you change paths, your built karma vanishes.

Aspiring for enlightenment,
give up your mind.
Stop fantasizing, stop day dreaming. Those are the easiest thoughts to skip, or give up.
Stop making thoughts about the future.
The other thoughts follow to be quit in a natural way.