Lessons for Life

Most of the men on earth are just basically following the pointers from their surrounding.
Attending education, getting a relation, fulfilling a job.
These people are normally gifted and follow what is right to them.

But every society has its dark side.
Being member of criminal groups, enriching with things poisoning for others.

Sometimes one of the bad side wants to return to daylight again.
Religions like christianity give the message that everything is forgiven
and you may enter His kingdom. (the kingdom of christ)

But the very source of religion is that when you want to enter the good side.
You have to ask the supreme power a judgement and grant you a penance.

When you pray for that solution, you have to fulfill a quest of penance.
After that you are pure again, and may be a citizen in His kingdom.

Judgement en penance is in no way taking away a judgement by law of a country
as is known on this planet.
And a penance is not taking away a sentenced imprisonment.

Actions done by being inspired by religion
are in no way taking away your responsability for the country you live in.