Transcending Life: Purpose


Every creature on earth is born with a specific role in life.
A cow, is born to give milk, to give flesh if born in a farm with that purpose.
Wild animals like lions are born to live in a desert and eat other animals.
A rabbit can be born to be in a home in a little cage, to please children.
In that insight the whole earth is filled with creatures having a life task,
Mostly based on the form of their bodies.

Humans, have a specific body that can do intelligent tasks.
To behave in a group in a social way.
In the youth, children learn to have a basic level of understanding important values.
Children learn language, science, history and other subjects to be citizen abel to do what is needed for a place in society.

Humans, at birth, are according to some scientists a clear screen without any pre-destined knowledge or character.
Others say, it is in the genes, like a plant in a seedform what it is going to be.

Humans, when arriving from the pre-birth world, are according to religions,
endowed with a soul from a higher plane, or from below, regarding the karma they bring with them.

Souls on the edge of birth, choose a direction their life will have.
A direction if a human is ready for serving the soicety will give him the growth and education
it needs for life.

In that way you can say that an application programmer, ICT, was born for that job.
And a prince born in the royal family, was born to be prince, and later maybe king.

In that philosophy it s sour that some people suffer, or are in bad situations.
Or are not given freedom, or income.

The thought of a lifedirection given at birth, is the subject of karma to be lived during life.
The life direction is not about your family forcing you to be a certain one.
It is not about a priest saying that a superior power wants you to be this or that.

The life-direction is in your heart, as the subject you like most, as the thing you want most to do.
The life-direction. It is the study on school you choose. It is the hobby you do till late in the day.

A life direction, is the choice you make at birth, the task you want to fullfill as
the contribution to society.

Trancending such a task, gives an unpredicted outcome.
Trancending a lifedirection is to let a supreme power shape your life.

A life-direction can only be changed by asking a supreme power,
To give you the task or mission that supreme power wants.

A life-mission, in prayer asked to the Almighty or Supreme Power, changes your life.
It is compared to step from a train track on to another.

Trancendence, life is basic level life, until you pray to high powers.

Trancending life-mission is to pray about it to the Almighty or Supreme Power