Lessons for Life

In youth everyone thinks they will live eternally.
In your youth when health is self-evident you have no worries.

When you grow older, misfortune can cause pain and suffering.
Heatlh grows less certain. jobs don't give satisfaction any more.
you get in poverty.

When you cannot deal with life anymore.
You begin looking for a solution to get that happiness back.
You want a way to become peacefull again.

A way to solve such issues is known in most religions.
In short its turning toward a religion, studying its books,
talking to its followers.

Repentance, is a guideline for it.
As a proverb:

Speak this prayer, to help changing your life.

Oh Omnipotence, Supreme power:
I pray to you, please give me your protection and mercy.
I pray to you, allow me back in your kingdom.